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frequently asked questions

Purchase & Activation

What does the Extended Warranty Plan cover?
What does the AMC Plan cover?
What is not Covered under the Plan?
Can I purchase the AMC Plan for devices more than one year old (out of warranty products)?
Can I purchase the AMC Plan for in-warranty products (lesser than one year old)?
When I purchase the Plan, do I need to register it?
How long does the plan coverage last?
What happens to my payment if my appliance fails the quality check or is ineligible for the plan?
Can I get a refund if I cancel the Plan?


How can I register a claim/ repair request for my device?
How many repair requests can I raise?
How much do I pay for the repair under Plans?
How much time will it take to repair my device?
What happens if my device repair value is more than Sum Assured OR What happens if my device cannot be repaired?
My replacement/ repaired item still has a problem. What do I do?


Can I transfer my Plan to another device?
Can I change the address if I move to a new location?