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Terms & Conditions


Covered Asset / Electronic Products – Items such as, electrical items, electronic items, kitchen appliances, camera, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, LCD/LED, PC,  laptop , I-Pod, home theatre, handycam, mobile/PDA, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, watches, modular kitchen ,photocopy machine, projector, fax machine, printers, scanners etc. and other similar equipment or any other Products that may be included from time to time and as mentioned in the service contract certificate and supported by a valid Invoice.

Sum Assured: As mentioned in the Invoice value for single/multi appliance protection plan/Service contract or Market Value of the asset(s).

Product / Products- The Product should be for domestic & personal use only and not be used for commercial, rental or profit generation purposes except in cases of domestic/residential rental property.

Normal Operating Condition – Ability of the Product to perform its specified function subject to the acceptable level of change in performance due to ageing or climatic conditions. The acceptable level of change for this purpose will be as per the respective manufacturers’ specifications.

Normal Use – Use of the Product in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines for Product usage including but not limited to regular maintenance & upkeep of the Product, usage of specified protection devices such as voltage stabilizer.

Breakdown- For electrical and mechanical items, Breakdown shall mean the mechanical and/or electrical failure of a physical object that causes it to not function in its intended manner.

Cover Period - means the period defined and mentioned in your plan/service contract certificate.

Single Appliance Protection Plan: A plan covering a single asset for a sum covered of the mentioned value in the invoice against covered breakdown 

Multi Appliance Protection Plan: A plan covering a package of up to 4 covered assets for a sum covered of up to Rs 50,000 against covered breakdown

Per Asset limit value under Multi Appliance Protection Plan: If 4 assets are covered then the per asset limit value will be 25% of the Sum Covered. If 3 assets are covered then the per asset limit value will be 33% of the Sum Covered. If 2 assets are covered then the per asset limit value will be 50% of the Sum Covered.

Carry – in basis – The Product has to be carried / transported to the designated repair centre. 

In home basis - The repair technician will visit the premises where the Product has been installed to provide the repair service.

Constructive Total Loss [CTL] - A Covered Asset will be considered to be a Constructive Total Loss if the cost of repair of the Covered Asset exceeds 75% of the respective Covered Asset’s Market Value or Sum Assured, whichever is lower.

Manufacturer’s Warranty / Guarantee - The original warranty / guarantee given by the respective Manufacturer in respect of a Product.



Service Contract

We, Us, Our, Retailer Mr. Right Services Private Limited with an office located at B49, Sector 59 Noida

You, Your - The Service Contract holder. – (Customer)

This Service Contractis a contract between You, the Service Contract holder and Us, Mr. Right (hereinafter called the “Company”).This service contract booklet, the information provided by You and the Service Contract Certificate form the contract between You and Us.

In consideration of the service contract fee paid by You, We will provide the cost of repair for the Covered Breakdown of Your Covered Asset / Electronic Products as mentioned in the certificate, during the period of Service Contract, subject to the terms, conditions, exceptions and limitations contained herein or endorsed hereupon in future.

Coverage Benefit:

The Company will indemnify You, against the repair or replacement costs in respect of the Covered Asset caused by a Breakdown arising out of manufacturing defect and/or due to poor workmanship of the service personnel of the authorised workshop during the Cover Period provided that the liability of the Company in respect of covered asset during Cover Period will not individually or in the aggregate exceed the Sum Assured/the Market Value [whichever is less] of respective Covered Asset.  


  1. The covered asset has been inspected and found in working condition by Mr. Right authorised personnel 
  2. In case of single appliance protection plan, the Sum Covered in respect of each Covered Asset must be equal the invoice value as mentioned in the service contract certificate
  3. In case of multi appliance protection plan, there will be a fixed sum insured of Rs. 50,000 which would be covering up to 4 unique assets as mentioned in the Multi Appliance Plan certificate.
  4. The cover value shall stand reduced by the amount of loss that has been claimed by You for any covered asset and cannot be reinstated.

Total Loss under Single Appliance Protection Plan

In the event of a total loss or exhaustion of Sum Assured of the Covered Asset due to payment of partial loss claims, the cover shall cease immediately for that said particular Covered Asset and You shall not be entitled to any refund of service contract fee. 

Total Loss under Multi Appliance Protection Plan

In case of total loss condition the maximum liability of payment will split into 25%, 33.33% and 50% depending on the assets covered i.e. 4, 3 and 2 respectively. A 10% depreciation will be applied here and deducted from the Total Loss payment. On payment of the total loss benefit for that particular asset, the cover shall cease immediately for that said particular Covered Asset and You shall not be entitled to any refund of that asset.     


Products Covered:

This Service Contract covers specific models of Electronic Products such as Color Televisions, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Music Systems, Air Conditioners, RO Water Purifiers, Microwave Ovens and any other Product that we include from time to time.   

What We Cover:

Company will organise for repair to Normal Operating Condition, or replace at our discretion a covered electrical / electronic Product, after it has suffered a Covered Breakdown during Normal Use.  This Service Contract covers the cost of Parts and Labour for all Products on a carry-in basis and in-home service (where applicable) on certain non-portable Products.  You will be advised which coverage is provided when You report the failure / claim. 

A covered asset will be considered to be a Constructive Total Loss If the cost of repair of the covered asset exceeds 75% of the respective covered Asset’s Market Value or balance sum Assured, whichever is lower. You will be given a monetary refund not exceeding the balance Sum Assured of the covered asset after deduction of a depreciation value of 10% per annum. In case of multi appliance protection plans, individual asset limit for package of 4 assets will be 25% of the total package value (i.e. 50,000*0.25 = 12,500). For package with 3 assets it will be 33% of the package value and so on. This decision is at our sole discretion. In the event of monetary refund this coverage under the Service Contract will prematurely terminate with no refund of fee & the covered asset becomes our property.

We are not responsible for any consequential or incidental damages arising from the use or loss of use of the Product.  Your statutory rights are unaffected.

This contract is valid only in India on Products which are purchased and repaired within India. 

Conditions of Cover: 

This Service Contract may only be purchased from Mr. Right or its authorized partners

  • The Product is manufactured in India or is legally imported in India
  • The age of the product doesn’t exceed 4 years
  • The Product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for Product usage including but not limited to regular maintenance & upkeep of the Product. 

What is Not Covered? 

  1. Any claim falling beyond the Cover Period.
  2. No claim will be entertained in the first 30 days of the cover period
  3. Loss or damage arising out of the Covered Asset not being used in accordance with manufacturer’s general instructions/guidelines.
  4. Loss or damage for which the manufacturer of the Covered Asset is responsible under a guarantee and/or warranty/conditions.
  5. Loss or damage arising out of improper use of the Covered Asset.
  6. Loss or damage arising out of modification or alteration of any nature made in the electrical circuitry and/or physical/structural construction of the Covered Asset.
  7. Where repair work is carried out by persons/agency that are not authorized by the manufacturer or by Us.
  8. Superficial and inconsequential aspects such as noises, vibrations, warpage, oil seepage and sensations that do not lead to dismal performance of the Covered Asset.
  9. Loss or damage to accessories used in connection with the Covered Asset that were not supplied at the time of purchase of the Covered Asset.
  10. Replacement of any consumable item of the Covered Asset, including but not limited to batteries, bulbs, plugs, cables, ribbons, belts, tapes, fuses, filters, toner or software.
  11. Defects or faults that were not covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  12. Loss or damage due to or consequent upon wear and tear and/or gradual deterioration of the Covered Asset.
  13. Loss or damage arising out of improper or abnormal electrical/gas/water supply or signal connection to the Covered Asset.
  14. The cost of transporting the Covered Asset to and/or from the place of repair.
  15. Loss or damage caused by or arising out of the wilful acts or wilful gross negligence or fraudulent acts of the service contract holder/or ServiceContract Holder(s) family and Service Contract Holder(s) employees.
  16. Service Contract Holder(s) consequential losses of any kind
  17. Service Contract Holder(s) legal liability of any kind excluding repair or replacement costs incurred in respect of the Covered Asset by a Breakdown arising out of manufacturing defect and/or due to poor workmanship of the service personnel of the authorized workshop.
  18. Failure of parts which are subject to recall by manufacturer of the Covered Asset.
  19. The cost of repairing, restoring or reconfiguring computer software or any system programs.
  20. Any cost incurred with periodic maintenance of the Covered Asset, including parts replaced in course of such maintenance operations.
  21. Loss or damage due to corrosion, rust, denting, scratching, blockages or dust.
  22. Where the original serial number is removed, obliterated or altered from Covered Asset.
  23. Loss or damage arising out of improper storage or transportation of the Covered Asset.
  24. The cost of installation of the Covered Assets and/or any optional attachment to the Covered Asset.
  25. Loss or damage due to use of non-genuine parts, accessories and/or consumables.
  26. Where there is a change of ownership of the Covered Asset.
  27. Mechanical and/or electrical breakdown caused by overloading, strain, overrunning, freezing, excessive pressure, short-circuiting, heating.
  28. Service/maintenance calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in the Covered Asset due to workmanship or material used by manufacturer.
  29. Damages caused by services performed by service personnel of the non-authorized persons or repairer workshops.
  30. Where the Covered Asset is subject to commercial, rental or profit generation purposes except in cases of domestic/residential rental property.
  31. Loss or damage arising out of any external cause, including but not limited to fire, theft, explosion, water damage, acts of God perils, riots/strike/malicious damage, - act of terrorism, corrosion, rust, denting, scratching, animal/insect damage, entry of foreign bodies, etc.
  32. Accidental damage both internal and external
  33. Any circumstance, fact or matter of which the Service Contract holder was or ought reasonably to have been aware prior to the commencement of the Policy Period/Cover Period.
  34. Ionizing, radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
  35. The radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
  36. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation or nationalisation or requisition of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public local authority. 

How to Claim: 

If your covered Product does not work:

  1. Check the Product user manual / handbook to make sure the controls are properly set and check the fuse in the plug;
  2. Check You are covered under the terms and conditions of the contract;
  3. Register claim at Mr. Right mobile application or website within 7 days of the occurrence of the Product failure and we will make the appropriate arrangement’s to resolve the problem.
  4. We will need to see this document to proceed with the repair. Please note that no Claim will be entertained in the absence of the ORIGINAL Service Contract Certificate. 

Important Conditions related to Claims:

  1. All repairs must be made by our authorized repair agents.
  2. This contract will be cancelled in the event of Your fraud, attempted fraud, or non-disclosure of any changes that affect this contract and no refund of Service Contract fee will be due to You.
  3. You must comply with the claims procedure set out in the “How to Claim” section above. We will not organise any repairs or make any payment, under this Service Contract if You fail to comply.
  4. If at the time of any failure / damage to the covered Product, the Product is covered in part or full by any insurance either by the proposer or any other person, this Company shall not be liable to pay or contribute more than its rateable proportion of such loss, failure or damage.


You may cancel this contract within 30 days of purchase of service contract. After expiry of 30 days no cancellation and refund will be permitted.

To cancel Your service contract, simply return this certificate along with a notice of cancellation to the company from whom You purchased this Service Contract.

We may cancel the contract at any time by giving You 15 days notice in writing to Your last known address, in which case You will be eligible for a pro-rata refund of the fee You paid. 

In the event of theft, fraud, sale or return of the Product to Us, we will cancel this Service Contract with no refund.  

Limitation of Liability 

Per Repair - Our liability for any one repair shall in no event exceed the lower of either the original purchase price paid for the applicable Product or the market value of the model of a similar specification and like functionality, at the time of said repair.

Aggregate - The total of all benefits paid or payable during the Service Contract Certificate period towards any particular Product holding a Service Contract Certificate covered under this Service Contract shall not exceed the lower of the original purchase price paid for the applicable Product or the market value of the model of a similar specification and like functionality.